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Clouds on Strings excels at crafting catchy riffs, enthralling counterpoint, and a welcoming atmosphere...[Pomology] represents a perfect blend of influence and originality, and any fan of prog/pop/punk should love it. (Read Full Review)

“The song "Apple" evokes Frank-Zappa-like rocksperimentalism with tricky time-sig changes anchored by soothing, expansive vocals a la Pink Floyd. The band's chops are lurking at each turn; the drums in particular really snap.” (Read Full Review)

-Music Connection Magazine

The solo on “Kiwi” owes a large part of its shine to the chord work going on in the background, which is difficult to appreciate on the first couple listens. The absence of hooks is the consequence of the structure of repetition and layering at work within the songs. Like videogame music, Pomology is not concerned with being taken too seriously, but rewards those who do. (Read Full Review)

“Pomology is the sort of shameless exercise in conceptual art-rock that would normally pigeon-hole a band into a narrow fan base, but the execution of the material is so convincing they are sure to extend their appeal outside the usual circles.” (Read Full Review)

-Chico News & Review


“There’s just enough Ween-meets-Zappa fun, crazy dynamics and energetic youthfulness to make the prog taste delicious. COS put on the most fun show of the CAMMIES—twice.”

-Chico News & Review

“Their latest album, The Strangest Thing We’ve Ever Seen, is a far-reaching epic that indulges in the proggy ways of King Crimson and the studio eccentricities of Steely Dan while conjuring the loose, oddball spirit of Frank Zappa. Essentially, these kids put their musicality on display without sucking the soul out of the music.” (Read Full Review)

-Chico News & Review

"These guys are wackjobs. It's Perfect."

-Michael Preston, WSLR 96.5

“For a somewhat similar comparison, see Bigelf combined with Yes, King Crimson and Emerson, Lake and Palmer. This is a treat for all you progressive fans, I guarantee it.”

-All Metal Resource


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